Swim Programme

We have now created Likkle Swimmers stages so that children can learn by stage rather than age!

Beginner- Seahorses:

These children are our youngest on a program, and will probably need a little bit more help than the others. By the end of the course, we hope that they could do a jump into the pool, 1 bob underwater, float with support, blow bubbles in the water and knowledge of pool safety.


Stage 1- Crab:

Children will be able to swim a width of the swimming pool using front crawl (6m), do 3 bobs underwater, a star float on their front and back for 5 seconds, a shallow dive with a float and a star jump.


Stage 2- Turtle: 

These children will be able to swim a length of front crawl (10m), a pencil jump, do 5 bobs underwater, tread water for 5 seconds, do a pencil float on their back for 5 seconds and scull for 2m.


Stage 3- Jellyfish:

They will be able to swim a length of the pool using breaststroke (10m), tread water for 10 seconds, do a mushroom float, swim a length of front crawl, changing to breast stroke half way, and finally they will be able to flop flip float.


Stage 4- Dolphin:

Swim backstroke for 10m, scull for 6m, jump in and tread water for 15 seconds, change from front to back float, and finally swim 20m of front crawl.


Stage 5- Shark:

Length of backstroke for 20m, use a throw rope to save each other, crouch diving, clothed swimming- tread water and remove, survival chin rescue