Swim Programme

We have now created Likkle Swimmers stages so that children can learn by stage rather than age!


Children will be able to swim a width of the swimming pool using front crawl (6m), do 3 bobs underwater, a star float on their front and back for 5 seconds, a shallow dive with a float and a star jump.



These children will be able to swim a length of front crawl (10m), a pencil jump, do 5 bobs underwater, tread water for 5 seconds, do a pencil float on their back for 5 seconds and scull for 2m.



They will be able to swim a length of the pool using breastroke (10m), tread water for 10 seconds, do a mushroom float, swim a length of front crawl, changing to breast stroke half way, and finally they will be able to flop flip float.



Swim backstroke for 10m, scull for 6m, jump in and tread water for 15 seconds, change from front to back float, and finally swim 20m of front crawl.



Length of backstroke for 20m, use a throw rope to save each other, crouch diving, clothed swimming- tread water and remove, survival chin rescue