Previous Years



In 2021, we were in Treasure Beach for 4 weeks teaching. In that time, we managed to teach 156 children and a group of 10 adults. The lessons were covid friendly, and we got to use the changing rooms for the first time!



In 2019, we taught over 150 children and adults. These lessons were all taught by our amazing Jamaican teachers, and they had such a succesful summer. 


Children were split into stages of: Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. We moved the starting age to 4 years, and we taught many more adults than previous years. 




In 2018, we taught a very succesful summer program of over 100 children, who each had 10 hours of swim lessons, which included play time. The Jamaican trainee swim teachers helped to assist the lessons, and it became very clear that they were amazing!


So... they started to lead the classes themsleves. From September- December 2018, we taught children after school, children from Sandy Bank Basic Nursery School, children from Newell Highschool a few mornings a week, a baby class, and an adult class weekly. Over 180 children and adults were taught in 2018.


We also staged Likkle Swimmers lessons so that children can be taught by ability rather than age.




The first year of the swim programme is now complete, and was extremly succesful. It was carried out during the months of June,  July and August 2017. We managed to reach 87 children, and provide most of them with a weeks worth of intense swimming lessons.

All children were from Treasure Beach and the surronding area and were aged 3-9 years (with the exception of a few younger and a few older). 


Lessons took place at Villa Optima, and the program ran Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. Eachchild was offered the opportunity to bepicked up and dropped off from their houses, they were all provided with snack each day, and also given a water safety activity before swimming, and a fun game/craft activity todo afterwards.


The children were taught following the BLABT formation (Body position, Legs, Arms, Breathing, Timing).


2017 was such a sucess, that a 2018 program was created.