Parents, Students and Teachers Comments

Please find below comments from parents whose children have taken part in our swimming lessons as well as interviews from our first summer in 2017...

Allison (6 year old son) in 2017

It was a wonderful expereince this summer for the children. Little Swimmers is one of the best thing that ever happen to Treasure Beach. Charlotte your a gift, your such an amazing person. I would like to thank you for your time and effort.The love and hard work put forward by you and your team was truly amazing. I will definitely recommend little swimmers to every parent. It's the best decision i ever made when I send my six year old son on the program this summer. Now he's swimming and has such confidence. Words can't explain how thankful I am to Likkle Swimmers, and all the person who sponsored it. I'm truly thankful. I truly appreciate your efforts in making this program a success. Thank you Little Swimmers from me and Deshawn and all the parents and children. We truly apprciate you all


Latoya (5 year old son) in 2017

Love love love Likkle Swimmers... The swim lasses were so great. Charlotte and Stacey were so amazing with the kids, especiallymy son Liam who was so over zealous and loves the water. The lifeguard Junior was so attentive and gentle with the kids. Together a totally great team. My son loves them all was totally comfortable in and out of the pool. Only problem my son had was when it was time to leave, he was never ready to leave. Awesome job Likkle Swimmers team. Thanks with love, Liam and Family


Tracey-Ann (adult swimmer, and parent of 7 and 9 year old sons) in 2020

For me, the opportunity to learn to swim in an intimate setting was what i needed. We had just moved to Jamaica and this program acclimated me and my boys to a new beginning and activity. To be honest, swimming now is one of our favourite activites to do together. The team was wonderful and patient. I have a confidence that I never had before with water. God bless this program. This swimming has helped us so much during Covid. Its pretty much all we have as an outdoor activity while we social distance.


Sachana (6 year old daughter) in 2017

Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. We really appreciate what you have done for Jordyn and the other children in the community. Her swimming level has improved significantly. Very good initiative Likkle Swimmers. My daughter was fortunate to be in the first group and i can't believe she is swimming. I wish she had another week, but i am very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you. Good team are fantastic!


Twins Mum (4 year old twins) in 2019

Likkle Swimmers is the best thing that has happened in our little community and for my twins Demetre and Demeka they ahve learnt a lot during their time there and hoping for them to learn a lot more. Thank you all for taking good care of them and make sure they are sfae when they come to the lesson and back home safely. One love.


Latoya (7 year old son) in 2017

I'm very grateful for the opportunity that my son and nephew were given during the swimming course. This has impacted as their lives significantly as their self confidence were boosted and they learned a lot. They are very excited about swimming. I wish they had one more week as this was their first swimming experience. Keep up the good job. I really appreciate the teams dedication, patience and love. Nuff love an respect!


Enricko (3 year old son) in 2017

I want to thank you for such dedication to the kids, I wish it was a summer long so he could learn to swim very well. I was not given such a chance as a child so i want my son to be able to do so from early


Falon (6 year old daughter and 3 year old daughter) in 2017

My two girls Kellisa and Latania engaged in the little swimming programme and it has enhance their confidence in believing that they can swim, and also how to form their body while in the water, its a tremendous experience. Looking forward to next year! Thanks a lot!


Sissenia (8 year old son) in 2017

Aww thank you my friend, you really make an impact on my son swimming. His self-esteem and confident in his swimming. Thanks also to your wonderful team.. 


Karen (9 year old daughter) in 2019

Likkle Swimmers has impacted my daughter by giving her an avenue to learn something new. Swimming gave her exercise and the teachers were very patient, kind and caring. There was great interaction between the children and the teachers. She looked forward to going to the lessons every Saturday.


 Keishalee (6 year old son) in 2017

Donovan have a wonderful time, he wish the swimming classes was long he learnt a lot. Aunty Charlotte, Aunty Stacey and Junior did an amazing job. I am looking forward to next years thanks to Likkle Swimmers


Catherine (9 year old son and 5 year old daughter) in 2017

My son Yorkio and daughter Sajabi was a part of this fantastic venture. We are extremly grateful to you guys and all the people who made Likkle Swimmers a success. I sincerely hope this will be an ongoing thing so other kids can participate and learn how to swim. Thanks again guys, a job well done.


Angella (7 year old son) in 2017

My on was excited about his swimming classes, he enjoy every moment. Looking forward to next year, good work guys keep it up


Antoinette (5 year old daughter) in 2017

Thanks Aunty charlotte and Aunty Stacy , for giving our children the opportunity to learn to swim. Thank you so much, we appreciate it. You've made our children happy and wanting more. See you next year


Nezrene (5 year old son) in 2017

Thanks very much to you all for a wonderful week with Qwayne, he had so much fun he can't stop talking about.. Hope to see you again soon


Vannetia (6 year old daughter and 4 year old daughter) in 2017

Thank you for the opportunity you have given my daughters Tenneice and Kerrice. Tenneice enjoyed every moment fo it. Kerrice although she was timid she still wanted to go everyday. This was an excellent expereince for them. Thank you and god bless you


Debbian (3 year old son) in 2017

Charlotte and Stacey are great with the kids and Aaron thoroughly enjoyed his week with them. This is a great programme and I would recommend parents to sign up there kids


Vanessa (7 year old daughter) in 2017

Thank you for your kind support for teaching Cedrica to swim, I appreciate your kindness may god continue to bless you. Thank you again.


Cedrica (11 year old student) in 2020

I learn about swimming class from my Aunt Charlotte coming to my school and picking us up for swimming class. I was not able to swim before going to Likkle Swimmers and it was the best thing my mother has ever done for me. I was able to swim very quick. I miss my swimming teachers and my swimming friends this year.


Karesha (3 year old son) in 2017

Thank you guys for an incredible week with my son Jehoash. He love every minute of it and still talking about it. Thanks again for teaching him how to swim. God bless you


Miranda (2 year old son) in 2017

Thank you so much for giving Ari such a wonderful opportunity. He enjoyed every minute with you guys and I am sure yo've made a lasting impression on him. One love.


Ardeen (6 year old son) in 2017

Thank you so very much. It was a real pleasure being down there this week. The children enjoyed it so much.


Shelly Ann (7 year old son) in 2017

Thanks to you all for teaching my son to swim, I appreciate it very much, and he enjoyed it very much.


Roxan (3 year old daughter) in 2017

Thank you all for such a wonderful week with Cameion. I know she enjoy it alot and am pretty sure she has also learn alot.


Tamar (7 year old daughter) in 2017

Aww thank you guys so much. Mishka is so excited for next year.