Thank you so much to all of the swimmers that came along. We didn't just reach the 6 miles we were planning on, but smashed it, with an amazing 15.1 miles swam altogether which is equivalent to 971 lengths, incredible!


We have raised just over £3,000!

We are holding a swimathon at Tonbridge Pool, in Kent, on the 21st January 2017 between 5 and 8pm. We have gathered together a group fo family and friends (theres always room for more!), and altogether had planned to swim 6 miles, the length of Treasure Beach. However, as there are now so many of us, and everyone is keen to swim lots of lengths, we are aiming for as many lengths as we can fit into the 2 hours we have instead!

We have people of all ages (aged 5 to 84) taking part and a variety of lengths being swum (anything from 1 to 80). We would really appreciate any extra support we can get, so either let us know if you wish to swim or you can sponsor any one of these people below:

1. Charlotte Holt for 32 lengths

2. Stacey Symes for 20 lengths

3. Mily d'Aguilar for 40 lengths

4. Ewan Kimsey for 64 lengths

5. Jake Wilkinson for 4 lengths

6. Joe Wilkinson for 2 lengths

7. Kathy Morris for 50 lengths

8. Patrick Morris for 30 lengths

9. Daniel Morris for 30 lengths

10. Judy Prior for 10 lengths




11. Keith Prior for 30 lengths

12. Emily Hill for 80 lengths

13. Alison Williams for 20 lengths

14. Lucy Clayton for 20 lengths

15. Lauren Clifton for 30 lengths

16. Caro d'Aguilar for 40 lengths

17. Jamie Walter for 20 lengths

18. Fran Shaw for 60 lengths

19. Jorge Blanco Peno for 20 lengths

20. Isobel for 30 lengths




21. Sonia Vant for 4 lengths

22. Catherine Carson-Parker for 4 lengths

23. Bonnie Vant for 4 lengths

24. George Vant for 4 lengths

25. George Beardsley for 20 lengths

26. Angharad for 10 lengths

27. Leonora for 10 lengths

28. Claudia for 2 lengths

29. Camilla for 32 lengths

Please sponsor the above by heading to http://campaign.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/likkle-swimmers/summer2017.

Please leave your name, who in the swim team you are donating too, how much and please state that it is for the swimathon. Alternatively if you wish to give cash by had, please speak to the person you are sponsoring and they will have a sheet. Thank you very much, Likkle Swimmers