Friday 2nd September-


The last class of the summer, was a trio of older children. Yoriko, Keshawn and Ashalee. What a great team they made. By the end of the week, all 3 were able to swim the length of the pool with confidence. We even started on some backwards push and glides which they attempted really well. They all got on really well and enjoyed trying out everything they had learnt during playtime, so there was lots of jumping in, collecting diving sticks, push and glides and lengths of the pool. They just kept going backwards and forwards! We even managed to teach them a little bit of treading water which was very exciting, and a skill that hopefully they can keep practising. 


Friday 2nd September-


We had two sisters this week; Tenneice and Kerrice, who were 6 and 4. Tenneice was very good at listening and keen to support everyone else in the class, esecially her sister. Kerrice would have a few tears with us in the pool but always insisted on continuing and never gave up, no matter how afraid she was. Sajabi was our little excitable girl, who had so much energy, we nearly couldn't keep up! She was always 10 steps ahead of everyone else, but we loved her enthusiasm. Lastly, Deshaun, who was outnumbered by the girls, but he didn't seem to mind one bit. We had a case of running legs here, but he was quick to correct them, and was a very calm and patient influence on the group.

Saturday 26th August- 


We had a very busy group this week in the afternoons, and at the start of the week their listening was on the not so easy to control side! But this was down to the excitment of swimming, and as the week went on, they became very keen to listen and learn. Partly to make sure they got all of their playtime I'm sure! We had two girls aged 6, who knew each other from school; Hayley and Kayla. They were both of similar ability, although Kayla was particularly confident at blowing bubbles and Hayley had the most beautiful legs by the end of the week. Malik, who was Kaylas 9 year old brother, was a very fast learner, and was able to swim lengths by the end of the week very easily. Demar, Davian and Dario were a trio of brothers, between 6 and 13 years. They were all very eager to learn, and extremly excitable! The oldest was very confident, and beleived he could already do everything, but was surprised at how much new stuff he was learning. The younger two were very keen to jump into the water and collect diving sticks from the bottom as well. They all did really well.

Sunday 20th August-


What a fantastic group of boys, with such willingness to learn and amazing team work. They would cheer each other on for swimming lengths, and chant to each other when counting their breathing. We couldn't have asked for a more co operative and friendly group of 7 year old boys. Tegan was our little washing machine, who seemed to swim everywhere at turbo speed, with super big arms! But that seemed to work for him and he became a very confident swimmer. Deshawn loved collecting the diving sticks, and managed to complete a length of the pool unaided by the end of the week which he was really pleased about. Jordanne was a little quieter than the others, but was very good at listening and picked things up very quickly. Jayden was an extremly good listener, and just wanted to try everything. He turned out to be a really confident and able swimmer. Well done boys!

Saturday 19th August-


Our last group of 3 year olds, and what a group to end on! They were all very mixed abilities, and came for various different lengths over the week, but were all as equally super smiley as each other. Enricko was an absolute delight, he had the most amazing manners and kindness to go along with his extremly happy personality and love for jumping! Twain was double trouble with Enricko, but in a cute kinda way. He had a particular jump that always made us laugh and was very eager to get into the water each day. Devonique was a lot more nervous than the boys, but really improved her confidence over the week, and started to do a few things on her own by the end. Shekenia was only with us for one day, but her infectious smile will last with us forever. And little Morgan joined us for a couple of days too for playtime, what a little cutie!

Sunday 13th August-


We managed to teach backstroke! What a joy it was to have taught front crawl to these 3 lovely children by wednesday, that it allowed us to explore some backstroke, which they had a really good go at. Tedraun was an incredible swimmer, and managed by the end of the week to launch off into backstroke and twist half way into front crawl! Joel perfected his push and glides enormously and this made a big improvment to his technique. Antaja was a little quieter, but never once stopped trying to keep up with the boys. What a lovely group!


Saturday 12th August-


This little group were all equally as nervous about the water as each other, and didn't have the best listening ears on a few occassions. However, they were still very sweet, and we really enjoyed teaching these cheeky children! Dejanae was a little worried about trying out new things, but never gave up and we admire her for that. Destiny was an amazing listener, and it showed in her swimming, what a little star. Qwayne and Joshua were cousins, that were both very nervous about the water, an even stepping into it on monday monring. However, by friday we had them jumping in with no hands, and comfortable with blowing bubbles. Well done boys!

Sunday 6th August-


The 8 year olds last week were full of energy and enthusiasm. What a lovely little trio, who also had the company of Jake and Joe for a couple of their lessons. Syranio was full of life and so keen to learn, he ran to the car everyday! He picked swimming up very quickly and was easily able to swim the length of the pool by day 2. Darnell was very similar, and particularly enjoyed the jumping in. The two of them were able to race each other down the pool. Kelsie also joined them, and was out numbered by boys. She was keen to keep up with them though, and never gave up trying.

Sunday 6th August-


Just the 3 children in our morning classes this week. Tahira was he quietest of all of them, but had an extremly good body position and by the end of the week had mastered the art of collecting diving sticks. We just need to make her legs kick a little faster. Amari was another smiley little one, and was completly infectious. He was also eager to collect the diving sticks with a little assistance. Amari had super speedy legs, but we need to work on his bendy knees! Lastly was Wiltonique who only made half of the week, and was also very quiet, but at the same time eager to learn and lsitened very well to everything.

Sunday 30th July-


This week we had another group of children who all seemed to know each other pretty well, which meant there was lots of giggling to be had. Tyriiq was the quietest, and a little timid at first, but by the end of the week, you couldn't stop him from jumping in the water and swimming around the shallow end. Brianna was a little nervous as well, but incredibly calm and enjoyed swimming alongside her friends. Cordellia listened extremly well, and enjoyed all of the songs that we were singing. Donovan was super smiley, and enjoyed riding on the back of the lifeguard. He also had extremly beautiful manners and enjoyed making swimming songs for us. Yendi was always eager to get into the swimming pool, and loved cheering on her friends whilst they were swimming.

Saturday 29th July-


What a smiley little bunch of 4 year olds this week. Jonathon was the smiliest of them all, and was so incredibly polite. He fell in love with our pink goggles and watering can, and very much enjoyed jumping in. Arianna arrived with so much sass! Her enthusiasm was high, and she was so keen that she brought her own goggles everyday! Keiyan was only able to join us for 2 days, and was extremly nervous about his face going anywhere near the water, but managed a jump all by himself and came up smiling! Zachary had an amazing body position, and extremly oood listening ears! Kelissa was our best jumper, and absolutly loved flying through the air, and appearing with a ginourmous smile on her face. We loved the little song she made us.

Sunday 23rd July-


Noisy is quite the understatment for this group. Although, we could see why as a couple were related, a few were in the same class and they all lived in the same area of the village, so it meant that they knew each other really well. Carmalea had a case of running legs, and would rather walk accross the pool than swim, but her determination was incredible to watch and she actually improved greatly. Luke was a great swimmer, who sometimes managed to swim the whole length of the pool without taking a breath, he just got carried away and forgot! Natalia was the quietest of the group, but listened extremly well and it showed, she was swimming a length easily by Wednesday. Last but not least, Steven. He was the litttle cheeky one, but had a good body position to work with, and grew more confident as the days went on.

Saturday 22nd July-


The little 3 year olds this week have been adorable to work with. What fun we have had with dancing to cbeebies to warm ourselves up before the pool. We also painted their feet and made a giant piece of artwork! Jehosh was super smiley and enjoyed jumping into the pool and playing with the green bullfrog. Aaaron was very unsure about getting his face wet, and avoided it at all costs,but by friday was able to jump into the pool from standing with no hands. Latania was our little water baby this week, you just couldn't stop her going underwater or performing star floats, she was convinced she could do everything by herself!

Sunday 16th July-


The super smiley 5 year olds have also been with us this week. Meet Payson, Zoey, Deijia and Liam. We had a serious case of running legs with Zoey, but that ddn't seem to stop her from enjoying herself. Payson had some super sraight legs going on and we all fell inlove with the partcularly loud bubble noises coming from her mouth. Deijia was a little nervous to begin with and wasn't too keen on water on her face, but by the end of the week wasableto jump in and come up smiling! Liam was our little fish, and spent most of his time underwater with our lifegaurd Junior. Even though he couldn't stand in the shallow end, he had an inventive way to get accross by jumping, making sure that he didn't miss out.

Sunday 16th July-


What a great week we had with our older goup. Fabiano was extremly nervous about the water, and prefered to opt out of everything on monday, but by friday he was a little fish, and insisted on doing everything without any help! He even swam a length, with the help of floats, by the end of the week, with plenty of underwater minutes clocked up. Dejon (and his cousin who joined us for a few days), were both little runners underwater at the beginning of the week, but again by friday had mproved their body position enourmously and we were super impressed! Jenesia was our little treading water star, and surprised herself with her swimming, doing length after length of practice during playime. Shenavia was another brilliant swimmer, and turned up on monday with a pretty good body position, meaning it made it much easier for us! She impressed us with her confidence.

Sunday 9th July-


We've had a lovely week with our 6 and 9 year olds. Poor Chrisandia was outnumbered by the boys, and was a little nervous at first, but did extremely well, and was very keen to swim at the end, even if it was with the help of us and floats. She was very good at practising her bubbles while she waited for her turn. Jahmeque's dad swims in triathlons and so we knew he was going to be good before we even met, and his enthusiasm was just as expected when swimming the length of the pool! He particularly enjoyed swimming underwater. Ajani had a serious case of running legs rather than swimming legs, but he never failed to keep trying, and his determination paid off in the end. He really enjoyed the jumping in and had a constant smile on his face, even though the idea of putting his face in the water was a big worry on the first day. Javaughn is a little boy, with the best manners ever witnessed, even in the swimming pool! Watching him swim the length of the pool was very exciting, especially his consistant need to practice everything we taught him.  

Sunday 2nd July-


What a fanastic group of 8 (ish) year olds we have had this week. They didn't all know each other at the beginning of the week, but have created such a lovely bond. We spent lots of time on the beach after school with them, and the girls enjoyed burying Delano in the sand. We particularly enjoyed picking them up from school and singing at the top of our voices all the way home whilst Delano played the air guitar, and Cedrica the drums. Let us tell you a little about these guys. Adenekia was so afraid to even put her face in the water and had little confidence in her self, but by the end of the week she was smiling for the camera underwater and swam the whole length with her floats and no help from an adult. Samantha wasn't keen at all to join in with diving underwater, but by the end of the week you couldn't stop her, and she really loved jumping in at the deep end without a float! Delano and Cedrica both succesfully managed to shallow dive into the pool and swim the whole length by the end of the week, with super rainbow arms and the start of some great breathing. Well done all of you, you've been a pleasure to teach.

Saturday 1st July-


We have been teaching two super cute 2 year olds this week; meet Ari and Khalessi! They both have such amazing confidence in the water, and we just couldn't stop them from jumping in. Although they were much more interested in the toys in the pool, we had lots of fun practicing our swimming to go and get them. Wheels on the bus was also a favourite song to be sung! Well done you two.

Sunday 25th June-


The 6/7 year olds have really shown us just how rewarding this is going to be! We've been teaching Jordyn, Hasett, Leon and Amishka this week with a big help from Camilla. Amishka was worried to put her face in the water at the beginning of the week, and now we can't stop her blowing bubbles! Hasett had already had a few lessons, but has really improved on his breathing technique this week. Leon could hardly balance himself in the water on Monday, and can now jump in and swim a whole legth of the pool! Lastly, Jordyn has really gained self confidence, and it has been amazing to watch her swimming lengths. What a group of super stars!

Saturday 24th June-


We have had an amazing first week of teaching, with special thanks to Camilla Golledge, for coming out and helping us find our feet. We have had the 3 year olds in the mornings who have both become very comfortable in the water and also very attached to Jam!

Friday 16th June-


Jam has taken on some tough lifeguard duties this week to start practicing for Monday, he can't wait to meet all of the children!

Tuesday 13th June-


Jam has been getting to know everyone in the village, he has spent lots of time hanging with the locals!

Friday 9th June-


We have been visiting the local basic and nursery schools to give water safety talks. This has included a story about a penguin learning to swim, safety tips for the pool and sea, being given a leaflet each and explaining about our swimming lessons. The children were all enthustaiatic and listened really well, even the teachers wanted to meet Jam!

Wednesday 7th June-


Jam arrived at Villa Optima in Treasure Beach. He has settled in nicely, lounging aroung the pool, hanging in the hammock, unpacking all of the swimming essentials and deciding which bedroom he wants to sleep in!

Tuesday 6th June- We would like to introduce you to 'Jam', our charity mascot who will be keeping you updated on all fo our adventures whilst we are teaching swimming in Jamaica (He is not very good at packing lightly).