Here you will find all of our latest ideas and fundraising events, keeping our supporters up to date.

10th October 2020



We hope that you will enjoy reading all about what Likkle Swimmers has been up to over the last year.

20th April 2020



We are missing you all, and hope to be back in Jamaica soon, and so created this video to remind you of all the good memories!

5th February 2020

Robert and Sons


We are so excited to finally be able to share with you our new partnership! Robert and Sons have very kindly offered to donate a pair of their amazing swim shorts everytime somebody purchases a full priced pair from their website for the next 6 months. How amazing is that?! We can't wait for our children and adults to try out their new swimwear in the summer.

30th April 2019



We are so pleased and proud to be able to announce that 25 of our Likkle Swimmers children took part in the Jakes Off Road Triathlon in the village this week. They entered as 3 inidivuals and 10 relay teams. We did run, cycle and swim training all week as a group, and the children loved every moment! What an achievement. 

10th September 2018



We have some very exciting news to share with you. Likkle Swimmers is now staged according to a child's ability.

We now 4 stages: Stage 1- Crab, Stage 2- Turtle, Stage 3- Jellyfish, Stage 4- Dolphin.

Sea creatures designed by the wonderful Theo Scaramanga, who also designed the Likkle Swimmers logo.

Find out what each child should achieve by the end of the stage, by visiting the webpage.


9th July 2018

Summer Classes

Summer classes have started and we still have some spaces available. Any children between 5 and 16 years of age are welcome to come and join us. Pop down to the sports park to check out the fun!

20th April 2018


Registration now open for free swimming!

If your child is between aged 5 & 16 living in the Treasure Beach area and you would like them to join our summer lessons from July until August, please sign then up.

Message Charlotte150 places available. via Whatsap on +447595912613 with your Childs name, Date of Birth and School.

19th March 2018

Pool Opening

We are so excited to share with you that the pool at the sports park in Treasure Beach has officially opened. The whole community came out to watch the opening of the pool, alongside the happy house which is based next to it. Our lifeguard Junior, read some words from the chairties trustees which is also shown in the video below. We can't wait to get out there again in June.

15th February 2018

Training Week

What a successful week we had in Jamaica training up new swimming teachers and finding lifeguards to join the team. Everybody was so enthusiastic and we cannot wait for the team to expand. We did lots of theory on swim teaching, and then they also joined in all of our practical lessons to get an idea of what is to be expected! We had such fun being back in the water in Treasure Beach and really can't wait to get back in June.

28th November 2017

Charity Film

Please find below our video all about Likkle Swimmers and our story so far! Star appearences from Lennox Lewis, Blake Aldridge and Rio Ferdinand!

5th November 2017

Parent Support

We are so pleased to share with you our parent interview video. Thank you so much Treasure Beach parents for all of the support you have given.

22nd October 2017

Water Safety Rap

Find oue Water Safety video here that the children of Treasure Beach worked together with us to create. We are really pleased with the final version and hope that you will enjoy it just as much as us. Water Safety is such an important part of teaching the children how to swim!

Please find our 2017 Summer Blog here to read about all of the different children and how well they did!



2017 Summer Blog

26th August 2017

End of year party

What a fantastic turn out we had at our end of year party yesterday! The awards for this years children were given out, and the winners are announced below:


Good listener- Jonathon Stephenson and Destiny Foster


All Rounder- Cedrica Simma and Enricko Parchment


Most Improved- Leon Ebanks and Adenekia Bennett


Most Enthusiatic- Tyriiq and Amishka Clarke


Water Confidence- Liam Parchment and Latania Ricketts


Smiliest- Donovan Fraser and Yendi


Team Award- Deshawn James, Tegan Parchment, Jayden Parchment and Jordanne Ebanks


4th August 2017

Team Change

It is a very sad day for Likkle Swimmers, as we say goodbye to swimming teacher Stacey Symes, who leaves for England. However, we welcome Ewan Kimsey, who will be taking over from Stacey for the last few weeks. Read more about them both on our 'About Us' page.

21st July 2017

Lennox Lewis Boxing Camp

We had the pleasure of meeting Lennox Lewis, a former professional boxer, this week. He is runnning a boxing camp in the village for children aged 9 years and over. We were invted along to the awards, and to our surprise a little speech was given about Likkle Swimmers. We hope that in the future we might be able to work together.

23rd June 2017

Camilla (Swim Fusion)

We have been very fortunate to have Camilla Golledge for our first week of teaching here in Jamaica. She helped us to find our feet, and was incredible to watch teach and pick up tips from! We can't thank her enough for her time, and would really encourage you to read her blog, an interesting insight from an expereinced teacher!

10th June 2017

Registration Day

A huge success! Over 50 parents and children came along to register, and we can't wait to get started! Some a little nervous and others over excited, some too shy to speak and others full of hugs, some so teeny tiny and others towering above us!

26th May 2017

Target reached

We have reached above and beyond our target! £18.695!!!!! Anything over will go towards next year...

13th April 2017

 Zoggs Donation

Zoggs donated 50 swimming costumes/shorts along with goggles and armbands to us.


19th March 2017

Swim Programme Launched


Please find details under the 'Swimming Programme' tab. Places for 128 Children.


19th February 2017

Recent Newspaper Articles

5th February 2017



We held our swimathon on the 21st January and with over 30 swimmers taking part, we made a total of over £9,000, which is incredible! Thank you to everyone that took part and who donated/supported.


31st January 2017 - CLOSED 

Silent Auction Update

With 0 HOURS remaining the Auction has finished;  winning bids for all of our lots are as follows. Winners will be notified within 7 days. Many thanks for your support.


  • Lot 1 (French Farmhouse)- £500
  • Lot 2 (Cashmere Knitwear)- £35
  • Lot 3 (Purdy and Power)- £70
  • Lot 4 (Emma Hall Photoshoot)- £30
  • Lot 5 (Have I Got News For You tickets)- £200
  • Lot 6 (Leopard Dune Handbag)- £27
  • Lot 7 (Brown Dune Handbag)- £30
  • Lot 8 (Black Dune Handbag with Chain)- £107
  • Lot 9 (Black Dune Handbag with Fur)- £35
  • Lot 10 (Luna Sea Inn)- £100
  • Lot 11 (Dune Purse- White, Brown and Black)- £12
  • Lot 12 (Dune Purse- Black and Gold)- £20
  • Lot 13 (Trevor Hodds Photoshoot)- £40
  • Lot 14 (Dune Mini Purse)- Orange (£6), Baby Pink (£6), Green (£12.50)
  • Lot 15 (Mar Blue)- £40
  • Lot 16 (Greendog Bags)- £30
  • Lot 17 (Gel Nails)- £17
  • Lot 18 (Massage)- £36



  • Lot 19 (Silk top)- £40
  • Lot 20 (Wayne Rooney Boot)- £150
  • Lot 21 (Piers Morgan Life Stories Tickets)- £162.85
  • Lot 22 (Ussain Bolt Signed Note)- £100
  • Lot 23 (Woolpack Hotel Stay)- £60
  • Lot 24 (Woolpack Hotel Meal)- £42
  • Lot 25 (Lingfield Racecourse Tickets)- £60
  • Lot 26 (Red Subscription)- £9
  • Lot 27 (Trinity Theatre Tickets)- £51
  • Lot 28 (Lunch with Nigel Farage)- £250
  • Lot 29 (Times Subscription)- £60
  • Lot 30 (Dance Class)- £50
  • Lot 31 (Tea at the George)- £30
  • Lot 32 (Jakes Hotel)- £250
  • Lot 33 (Guitar)- £78.56
  • Lot 34 (Subscription to Grazia)- £15
  • Lot 35 (Week stay at Lyric in Treasure Beach)- £500



3rd January 2017

Charity Registration

We are so excited to be able to announce to you all that we officially have charity status after 4 long months of hard work, and lots of stress! But it has been totally worth it, and we hope that with our number it will open up a whole lot of other opportunities for us. The number is: 1170956.

4th December 2016

Likkle Swimmers Quiz Night

We just want to say 'Thank You', to everybody that came last night and helped to support our little charity. We are extremly pleased to announce that we made £1,600, which is incredible! Photos to follow...

31st August 2016

Usain Bolt Support
We are very lucky to have been given the chance to talk to Usain Bolt, an incredible Jamaican Sportsman, about the charity, and even luckier to have gained support from him, he really liked our ideas. Here he is supoorting the charity!

29th August 2016

Final logo design
We took our ideas to a friend, Theodore Scaramanga, who very kindly offered to complete the final logo deisgn for us. We spent the evening with him, playing with a few ideas, and different variations to the logo, finally agreeing that the combination of swimming goggles, Jamaican colours and Jamaican flag worked perfectly. After hours of hard work, we are super impressed and very happy with the logo that lovely Theo has designed, Thank you!

22nd July 2016

Designing a logo
We had dinner with Jake (6) and Joe (5), the two little boys who lost their dad in Treasure Beach. When we told them about our future plans next year, they were very keen to get involved and help us in any way that they could. In particular, they wanted to come and stay with us for the 3 months and help to teach the children to swim underwater. So we set them the task of helping us design our charity logo; they suggested that we should use Jamaican colours and something swimming related, both of which we took into account. Here they are hard at work!