About the founders, trustees, Teachers and Lifeguards of likkle swimmers


 Charlotte (Founder and CEO)




I am a 26 year old childcare enthusiast, from a rural village in Kent, with high ambitions to help and support children achieve their full potential.  I've always been a keen swimmer and I am really excited to have set up Likkle Swimmers, which has such potential for the children in the Treasure Beach community. The changes I've already seen are so rewarding and I can't wait to carry on working within this amazing community. In my spare time, I really enjoy going swimming, taking part in yoga, cooking or travelling the world! 


I am also a graduate, achieveing a degree in Healthcare Play Specialism, currently working at an amazing childrens hospital helping to support children through tricky times. I am DBS checked and also hold a peadiatric first aid qualification. 

Keith (Co-Founder and Finance Manager)


Psst! (My best Patois for hey there!!)


Having spent 17 years in the City, 6 years looking after my own business and 14 years in a large private family orientated UK company, I'm proud to be associated with Likkle Swimmers. Being passionate about sport and the qualities & skills it brings to the development of young people, I look forward to supporting the structure and finance arrangements of Likkle Swimmers.....I'll be volunteering as well!!



From our story comes our mission; we aim to reduce the incidence of drowning by providing swimming lessons and basic water safety techniques that could help save their lives and those of others. Who knows where this journey will end but our challenge is to make this basic life skill accessible to all primary school children in Jamaica...but we need to start somewhere; so help us in growing and keeping  the story alive. Tanks (thank you)




I am a journalist based in London with the Guardian newspaper, where I interview leading figures in public life. I fell in love with Treasure Beach on my first visit more than 20 years ago, and have returned every year ever since. Some of my longest and most precious friendships are in this tiny community; it is the place I love more than anywhere else on earth.


In 2014 my partner drowned in Treasure Beach while saving our son's life. Since then both my sons have learnt to swim. Had my partner had the same opportunity as a child, and become confident in the water, he would still be with us today. Every child in Treasure Beach deserves that chance, and I hope that together we can give them it.




In 2002 I completed a level 3 diploma in nursery nursing and then went onto completing a CIBTAC diploma in Beauty Therapy and Make Up. Whilst I studied, I nannied with various families and had the experience of travelling with one. Once qualified I worked in the beauty industry for three years and volunteered for the charity 'look good feel better' for women with cancer. I thouroughly enjoyed my Nannying jobs and helping people in need through my beauty work.


In 2006 I had the greatest opportunity given to me to work in the orphanges, hopsitals and childrens hospice in Romania for 3 months. This was one of the best experinces of my life. When I returned, I found a job on my doorstep in Kent, at a childrens home for abused and traumatised children. I work for the charity Childhood First and have done for 10 years helping to inspire Young lives, and working my way up the ladder to deputy team leader and then Clinical Educational Support Assistant. Whilst working here I have become a mummy of 2 and have qualified in hypnotherapy and advanced counselling skills, a level 4 in children and education in the workforce. I am also currently completing a level 5 in UKCP Child Psychotherapeutic counsellor and a level 6 in supervision training.


I am very excited to be part of the team at Likkle Swimmers and helping however I can to help these little ones achieve their goals and stay safe.

I was born and bred in Bristol and went to university in Oxford, where I did a degree in English and then three years of a PhD - before realising that I didn't actually want to be an academic.   I played in various indie pop bands, which is how I met my wife, Amelia.  The two of us still perform together, occasionally.  
After escaping academia, I worked in TV drama, initially as a script editor on shows like The Bill and Inspector Morse. Later, I started my own company, Touchpaper TV.
I have two daughters (Dora and Ivy).  We moved to Kent in 2014, and thanks to Dora and Ivy's primary school, met everyone else involved in Likkle Swimmers.  I love the idea of this charity, and the fact that it will make such a difference to the lives of so many children.

Swimming Teachers

Beccy (Teacher in 2018 and 2019)



My name is Beccy. I'm a primary school teacher by trade. I live and work in Hackney in London. 

I first met Charlotte in 2011 when we were both studying at university in Bristol. Since then we have become great friends and I was very excited to hear about the wonderful charity she was setting up. 

I first visited Treasure Beach in August 2017 during the first year Likkle Swimmers ran. I fell in love in the place and the people instantly. 

I am really excited to be going back this year as a swimming teacher!

Ewan (Teacher in 2017)




My name is Ewan Kimsey, I am originally from West Wales however I currently am studying Ocean Exploration at Plymouth University. When I first heard about Likkle Swimmers I thought it was a great idea, and was very keen to be a part of it. It is a great opportunity to help children learn a very valuable life lesson; swimming ,which is so important considering where they live. In my free time I enjoy participating in numerous activities such as swimming and mountain biking and I am a keen rugby player and fan. I am extremely excited and proud to be affiliated with such a worthwhile charity and can’t wait to see where it takes us.


Junior (Lifeguard in 2017, Teacher in 2018)

Freddy (Teacher in 2018)


My birth name is Anfernee Stewart, but most people know me as Freddy. I'm 20 years of age. I was born and raised in Treasure Beach, myfavourite sport is football but swimming has also been apart of my life from when i was a little boy until now. One of my best memories of swimming was when my team was placed first in the Jakes Kiddies Triathlon, while swimming in that race was one of the bestfeelings ever, just being able to move all your muscles at once is truly astonishing. Now in todays life most litle kids are afraid of the water to swim, thats why i tuly admire what the Likkle Swimmers club is doing, they help those kids to conquer the fear whilst having fun at the same time. It would be my honor as a swimming teacher to help with the kids of the Likkle Swimmers program.

Javin (Teacher in 2018)


Hello! My name is Javin Ritchie. I am a 21 year old lifeguard who is about to be a swiming teacher for Likkle Swimmers.


I like being around kids and see kids have fun and grow which I've notice Likkle Swimmers have been helping with. I love what the Likkle Swimmers program is all about becuase it helps our younger generation so that they'll be able to help themselves and others if out in the position. I'm proud to be a part of Likkle Swimmers and helping our kids grow.

Sanjay (Teacher in 2018)

Janoi (Lifeguard and Teacher 2018)


Good morning. My name is Janoi Elliott and I am a 22year old certified lifeguard who is also a swimming teacher for the likkle swimmers.


I have a passion for helping kids and the likkle swimmers has been assisting me with my love for kids. They have been fulfilling my passion.

Shadane (Lifeguard in 2018)


My name is Shadane Gordon, I was born and raised in Billys Bay. In my spare time I enjoy spear fishing and also i'm a part of the Likkle Swimmers group. It's an honor to teach kids to swim and I enjoy being around them because they are fun to be around so Charlotte I am grateful to be on your team.

Connie (Lifeguard and Teacher in 2018)

Dajay (Lifeguard and Teacher in 2018)

Omarie (Lifeguard and Teacher 2018)


I am a nice person and I am doing lifeguarding for 6 years now. I grew up in Treasure Beach, born here and I am 23 years old, I like to play soccer and I also do construction work as well. 


We were really lucky to have other lifeguards who have helped us out in the past when we needed it!