Treasure Beach Community

Treasure Beach is a remote fishing village strung along six miles of sandy beaches and rocky coves on the south coast of Jamaica. Far away from the islands busy resorts, it is a close knit community renowned for its relaxed and friendly spirit. There are no flashy hotels or cocktail bars or jet skis in Treasure Beach, just potholed roads and rum shacks, simple guest houses, a boutique hotel and rustic beach cottages and villas. It is one of the few places in Jamaica where locals and tourists can mix freely, make true friends, and share each others love for this unspoilt Carribean hideaway.


The children play a huge part in this unique community. They have very little in material terms, but an awful lot to offer the world, and they long to develop. If we can teach their generation to swim, we will help Treasure Beach for a lifetime.


Treasure Beach has so much love to give, it really is a special place.