Likkle Swimmers

In Memory of Tony Wilkinson (1965- 2014)

Likkle Swimmers is created for the public benefit of a rural community on the south coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach. Its purpose is to provide free swimming lessons to children aged 3-9 years. This impoverished coastal community currently has no access to a public pool or swimming lessons, and this has led to multiple incidents of drowning.


The purpose of Likkle Swimmers is to provide access to a local swimming pool for children, where they will be taught from a programme designed specifically for their age group. The children will not only learn a skill that will save lives, but in doing so will also improve their self-confidence and independence, thereby benefiting the wider community.


Likkle Swimmers has succesfully completed its first 3 month program, from June 2017- September 2017, and 87 children were given free swimming lessons. Likkle Swimmers will be heading back in 2018 to carry out a 6 month program.


Who We Are


Charity Registration Number: 1170956