Likkle Swimmers

In Memory of Tony Wilkinson (1965- 2014)

Likkle Swimmers is created for the public benefit of a rural community on the south coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach. Its purpose is to provide free swimming lessons to children aged 4+, and recently adults. This coastal community had no access to a public pool or swimming lessons until recently, and this has led to multiple incidents of drowning. 


The purpose of Likkle Swimmers is to provide access to this new local swimming pool for children, where they will be taught from a programme designed specifically for their stage of swimming. The children will not only learn a skill that will save lives, but in doing so will also improve their self-confidence and independence, thereby benefiting the wider community. We want to take away the fear of water, and create fun!


Likkle Swimmers successfully completed its first 3 month program, from June 2017- September 2017, and 87 children were given free swimming lessons. In 2018, Likkle Swimmers was available to children for 6 months. In that time we taught 183 children, including the local nursery and secondary school students. In 2019, 150 children and adults were taught over 2 months. In 2020, we wern't able to teach but instead started to build some incredible changing rooms. In 2021, we were able to teach 156 children in 4 weeks We hope in 2022 to increase these numbers even more!




Who We Are

Charity Registration Number: 1170956